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You Can Feel Better.

YOU are not alone:  There are 121 million of us struggling with various degrees of depression worldwide, not counting everyone wrestling with low self-esteem and anxiety.

  • Studies prove LOVE is the most healing. We are wired for Love and must learn to care for ourselves as important, special and valuable persons.
  • Get relief with The LOVE Cycle–  Adapted from US Navy Seals mental warfare training this methodology will help get your head on straight, befriend yourself, & feel better.
  • Gain Control & FIGHT BACK. We are often our biggest enemies; learn self-care skills to break free from negative self-talk, sadness, depression & low self-esteem.
Help depression & Feel Better with Powerful Skills!
In Module 1 you get:

  • Over 2 full hours of videos that you can go through at your own pace and repeat as often as you need them.
  • A “Love Soak Ministry” relaxation recording (mp3) that will help you internalize your new leaning, gain peace, and heal every time you listen to it.
  • Exercise worksheets to guide you in applying what you’re leaning and increase freedom.

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Ask Yourself;
  • “Isn’t it time I finally Break Free & Feel Happy?”
  • “Has there been a better time to Increase my Self-esteem & Confidence?”
  • “How much would Feeling Stronger & more Confident mean to my life right now?”


How Does Love Heal Depression?

By applying the transforming power of LOVE with proven best practices from Psychology, Neurology, and Theology, these video courses combine powerful and proven tools together for real results. It’s the best of practical spirituality, brain science and life change, in a one-on-one, down to earth format for real healing and freedom. 

Befriend you with love & self-care!

As a species, we are neurologically wired for love. It is one of our most important needs. Countless medical studies have proven that love heals people physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in miraculous ways.

LOVE is the most effective program for human thriving and healing. Of all healing therapies and transformational methodologies, love is the established winner. The Love Theology in this program works because it provides the life giving perspective that we are important, special, valuable and powerful. That at its core, life and the universe are good and safe. That we are loved and wanted and can be connected to the Source of all life and Love and each other. It’s a time tested fact that love, hope, and a little bit of faith really does change people from the inside out.


Why Psychology & Neurology?

Psychology provides us with very helpful tools called Cognitive Behavior Therapy. These are well tested and successfully proven treatments for a diverse range of issues and people. We’ll use these thought restructuring and behavior modification techniques in combination with how neurological pathways are formed in our brains to help you reprogram your bad habits (Neuroplasticity). You’ll learn how your brain functions and how thought patterns get linked up with scars and dark associations that serve to auto-pilot negative behaviors. You’ll learn to recognize & change negative thinking patterns that influence your feelings and behavior.

psychology You learn that not everything you see on your internal screen is actual reality, but distorted. You’ll learn to re-script yourself to choose new ways of responding that produce a healthier & happier you.


The content this program contains has been the answer people all over the world have been searching for all of their lives. People just like you. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Go sign up & grow healthier!

Hi, I’m Shawn, thanks for visiting my site!

When I was a little kid…

I’d go with my family to mountain retreat centers with huge trees where my dad would conduct workshops on personal development and transformation. I remember thinking how great it felt to be amongst such life and positive energy. It was electric. I could feel the hope and love and community in the air. I remember thinking that the universe really was safe and good at its core, that we all were uniquely special and loved, and that Love would make life wonderful for all of us in the end.

But life dealt me other experiences too. My dad would travel extensively, my mom had poor health, and I often felt alone. At 6 years old, my family seemed to fall apart and I felt abandoned between the cracks of life. I found myself riding the Special Ed “short bus” for 2 hours a day to inner city Chicago. I didn’t feel special then- I felt worthless and terrifyingly insecure. Dark messages and feelings overwhelmed my young psyche- and they stuck in there.

These two experiences – life-giving Love and terrifying insecurity- shaped my life and scripted my thoughts deeply. Unfortunately, it was insecurity and fear that seemed to be strongest. I learned to compensate with my personality and strengths to gain approval. I was a “successful achiever”, but the inner pain and fear always haunted me, and when many things that made me feel secure washed away, I experienced crisis with depression, and later anxiety. I was toast. My old coping strategies stopped working. I felt broken and abandoned- again. Everything felt unsafe.

This pain pushed me to get relief, which came as I desperately sought out new skills and insights to deal with my underlying negative patterns and to connect into what I felt most drawn to: Real Love.

After a lot of hard struggle, work, and research, I grew new skills and insights that empowered me to connect with significant victory. I learned how to overcome negative patterns and build self-esteem, confidence, and a secure sense of identity- but I also find that the battle is never fully over for anyone. I’ve found there is more Love for us to have, and I see Love working right in the middle of our deepest pain.

This site and tutorial programs are my offering to help others walk out of fear and live in Love instead. I’m confident it will help you.

All the best to you friend,


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